Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is this?

The protocol my doctor put me on (after talking with the lactation consultant at our hospital) was not the usual protocol that you read about (i.e., not Newman-Goldfarb). I took estrogen only for four days and was told to start pumping on the first day without pills. My doctor didn't sound too optimistic given my history. Basically, she kept reiterating that induced lactation is most successful for women who previously breastfed and/or women who have don't problems with ovulation. And women who have been on hormones for several months. Since none of those apply to me, she was basically "well, let's give it the best shot we can now." My approach to this was to give it a go, but also realize that the main benefit my son may be getting out of this is the bonding and not the actual milk. So with this attitude, Wednesday morning I got up early and hooked up the 'ole pump. That session was mostly a learning process since it was the first time I tried it out. Yes, it is odd. And it was particularly odd around noon when I was at work and hooked up the pump in my office. I have been wondering if I should leave my immediate work area, but I do have a private office and there is no other private place at my work (there is a designated pumping place, but it is a couch off to the side of a public bathroom, so not ideal). Anyway, I was there at work letting the pump do its thing while I tried to ignore it and focus on something else. And then I looked down and something was coming out! This was completely unexpected. I was not expecting anything at all for at least a week, if even then. Not the second time I pump. I don't think it was milk, though. After my initial excitement of seeing something, I realized it is brownish and not looking like breastmilk. It is only coming out one breast. Then I started wondering if this is some type of discharge? I have read conflicting reports about whether people who induce lactation produce colostrum, so maybe it is that. It doesn't seem like enough that I could save it. Only a drop or two. But it has come out each time I pumped since yesterday at noon. At my pumping this evening, it started coming out of my other breast, too. So I'm not sure what to make of this. Is it a good sign that this will work? Or just some discharge that doesn't mean breast milk will be coming?


  1. Hmmm... I don't really know what to tell you. But I will be checking back to see what others say, because I'm curious to see if this protocol works. I'm hoping to be more successful with bf-ing this time around, but I know I will need help.

    Hoping that this is a sign of good things to come.

  2. I hope it's a good sign of things to come. I'm not sure what to make of the output, when I pumped colostrum I remember it being thick, but I don't recall the color. I've heard the web-site below is an excellent resource for adoption pumping support and info:

  3. Delurking here. I am addicted to blogs and at some point came across yours in my blog hopping binges. Congratulations on your upcoming adoption AND your decision to breast feed. My best friend adopted domestically 9 months ago and I think adoption (and its process) is one of the most difficult events to survive but also an amazing gift to everyone involved.  I have birthed two children and bre.ast fed both. My first child never caught on, so I pumped for 10 ½ months. I actually missed my milk because she couldn’t get anything and I started to dry up. I took herbs to get my milk back AND I also had brownish discharge and even milk, at first. I was diagnosed with Rusty-pipe Syndrome – not a problem. (You can Google it) I don’t know if this is what you are experiencing, but I am excited for you that something is coming out! (I tried out my pump before my daughter was born and it sounds like what you are experiencing.) Best wishes and prayers for success with everything! ~shelby

  4. I induced with both my boys (though only really prepared beforehand with the 2nd). I, too, got what I"m now pretty sure was colostrum after several days of pumping. Had it for a few days before it turned more clear/whitish. I think that's what you've got! I've blogged a lot about my bf-ing with my boys if you're interested :) I love to see another mom through adoption bf-ing!!!!


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