Monday, February 20, 2012


Welcome to everyone from ICLW!

You are stopping by at quite a busy and exciting time over here. I am Missy, my husband is known as E. After several years of infertility and various treatments, we decided adoption was the best route for us. Our home study was completed last summer. In mid-January, we were matched! A little boy is due in early March! Thanks for joining us as we enter these last few weeks before the big day.

As you are reading this, I am actually on a plane heading out of town for a work project. You know, because my life was seeming a little boring at the moment. This week is a big week for a major project I am overseeing at work and it requires me to be out of town. This put me in quite an awkward spot. On the one hand, we are keeping the circle of people who know about our match very small to avoid having to tell too many people should the birthmother change her mind. I have told three people who are sort of like my supervisors (our organizational structure is odd-don't ask), my assistant, and the person who will take over for me during my leave. And some HR people as I am applying for FMLA, but I don't really count them since it is their job to be discrete. But most of the people on the large team that I oversee don't know. I mean, they know we are trying to adopt in the abstract, but not that we hope it will happen in two and a half weeks.

So this was dilemma, knowing that our due date is not for two weeks, but also recognizing that babies can come early. Do I not schedule myself on this trip and then have to come up with an excuse to tell everyone on the team? Or do I plan to go and then figure out what to do should the baby come early. I chose option B. My boss understands that if we get a phone call that the baby is coming now, I will leave the project and fly to the state where the birthmom is. In addition to packing for my trip, I also packed our baby supplies and what we need for ICPC so my husband can put everything in the car and go and meet me at the airport in the birth state. Whew!


  1. Such an exciting place to be in. We've been there twice. Good luck and I lok forward to following your journey!

    ICLW #6

  2. Hoping that everything goes well this time around with your match! Sending hope and prayers your way!!!

    ICLW #27

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How exciting for you! Congratulations on your match and sending prayers that everything works out for you!


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