Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Details, details

I can tell the time is really getting close now as we are focusing on last minute details. Reserving our hotel room, buying a present for the birthmother, getting the car seat installed, etc. We are buying her a silver necklace with the number 7 as a pendant. This will be her seventh child and with the c-section on 3-7, she said she calls this her "lucky" baby. So I hope this is a little something to help her feel closer to our son. I wanted to find something that also had a little four leaf clover or horseshoe or some other good luck charm, but since we wanted to keep the price down to avoid any taint of bribing her, the choices were limited. We also are buying a couple of games for her older children.

It is also getting harder to talk to people that we have decided not to tell about the potential adoption. I find myself trying to make a lot of noncommittal statements and figure out a way to not have someone count on me for the next few weeks, at least until we know the baby is ours and then can give them a reason for our absence from something.


  1. That sounds like a very lovely gift. I'm so glad I found your blog on the last day of ICLW because I need to go back and read your whole story. I'm just beginning the adoption process and hearing that you are soooooo close to adopting your baby is exciting! All the very best wishes!

  2. What a sweet gift for the birth mother - so sweet and thoughtful of you. Getting sooo excited for you Missy!

  3. Not long now! Very exciting! I hope all goes well!
    A sweet gift for the birthmother.


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