Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hotel rant

OK, this is a minor rant about the hotel we will be staying in for the first few days while the baby is in the hospital. The baby will be born in a small town and so we will stay in a different hotel after discharge that is in a larger town. Anyway, this hotel is a major chain hotel and the rant is more about their chain than the hotel itself. I belong to their rewards program.

Here's the thing: my assistant regularly makes my travel reservations for me and so her email is connected with my rewards membership. That hasn't been a problem until now. I made our reservation over the weekend. When I made their reservation, I purposefully did not give my member number so they wouldn't connect me to my prior reservations with them. I figured I could do that on site and still get my rewards. I also made sure to use my personal email address and my personal credit card. In other words, nothing other than my name should have alerted them to who I was or any previous reservations I have made (which were always with my assistant's email and my assistant's company credit card). And then today my assistant forwards me an email from the hotel chain with an "about your upcoming trip" notice. Umm, shouldn't you use the email I gave you when making the reservation when communicating with me about the reservation?! I had already told my assistant about our plans, but what if some travel I want to keep private?!


  1. Weird. And really unprofessional, too!

  2. complain...maybe you will get a free night...those nights at the hotel will add up :) It's worth a shot!

  3. I agree with the PP... I would complain.

    I'm not sure about the legalities of it in the U.S., but privacy laws are pretty strict here, and a large chain would most likely love to avoid bad publicity for violating a customer's privacy.

    And a free night for you guys would be a small price for them to pay to assure you that it wouldn't happen again. :)


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