Thursday, February 23, 2012


February is a big month for birthdays in our family. Today is my E's birthday! His mother's birthday was a few days ago, and my mom's is tomorrow. Through in my grandma, our nephew, and a few aunts and uncles, and it is a full month indeed. That was one thing that made it so exciting when we first heard about this match. The due date was originally in February. Perfect for our family! When it was pushed back to March, we did have a sigh of relief of a few more weeks to get ready. But still it would have been cool to have him born in February with so much else in our family. And I will admit that part of me is hoping for a leap year baby! I am quite content to wait until March, but wouldn't leap year be awesome? Happy Birthday, E. I love you and wish we did not have to be apart today. I hope this next year is all you have dreamed of.

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  1. September is like that for my family, and May for my Beloved's side of things.

    A very merry birthday to your E!


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