Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayers and nursery

First, please send any prayers and positive thoughts our way! We are making attempts now at consenting the birthfather, so I am praying that things go smoothly. I think it will, but of course this is a big step.

In other news, we've made great progress on our nursery. First, let me share a before picture of a dresser. This dresser belonged to E when he was little and he took it as he moved into his own place. Last year, we bought new furniture for our bedroom and I was so glad to see this dresser out of there. We didn't get rid of it then, though, mostly because we were too lazy to dump it. His parents are quite fond of this dresser. I've always hated it. The drawers were always broken and even when they weren't broken, they were hard to slide in and out. The finish was bad and the handles on the drawers were ugly. I was glad to see it go. Here is how it looked as it was stored upstairs. As you can see, the top drawer was broken completely.

And then one day I was upstairs with a friend and we were talking about how much I hated the dresser. And a thought occurred to me. What if we took out the drawers altogether? It did have a nice border around the top that makes it seem like a changing table. If it wasn't for the drawers, maybe we could salvage it.

So we took the drawers out and figured out a plan to create a solid base for each drawer space. Basically, we bought some plywood and fit one piece on each side of the drawer glide that was in the middle. Then we sanded down the old finish and did a new coat of stain that matched the dresser we refinished. And here is our final product:

Beautiful! It really turned out well. We just need to get a changing pad to go on top and a few more baskets to put on the shelves. But I really like it now. Of course, I don't like the gloating my ILs are doing about this. But to be fair, this is an antique piece of furniture that is getting a new life. And it is nice that our son will use the same furniture that his dad used.

As you can see from the "after" picture, we also painted the nursery. I really like this green color. We bought a tree mural that will go on the wall above the crib. I would like feedback on what to do about one piece of the nursery. You might not be able to tell from the "after" picture, but the walls and ceilings in this room are not normal. The upstairs used to be an attic, so the ceiling is a few feet narrower than the room and so there is a slanted wall that joins the ceiling to the vertical wall. Here is another picture that shows what I am talking about (and the color here is actually more what the room looks like than the one above).

We are wondering about what to do with this section. Should we treat it more like a wall or more like a ceiling? The tree mural will probably extend onto the slanted piece about 10 inches or so. I was thinking of painting this section a lighter shade of the green that is on the walls to serve as a transition to the white ceiling. What do you think?


  1. It looks great. Many prayers coming.

  2. Many prayers and positive thoughts coming your way, Missy. The dresser turned changing table looks amazing! Way to go! As for the wall... my immediate reaction when I saw the photo was to say to paint it the same green as the rest of the walls because it seems more "wall like" to me... but going back and looking at it a few more times, I could see how it is really ambiguous and could potentially work either as a white ceiling or as part of the wall. A tough call!!

  3. Missy that looks so good!!! I would either keep the slanted part white or paint a light shade to keep the room seeming nice and open. I hope everything goes well with the birth father and his consent.

  4. Praying that all will go smoothly with the birthfather.

    The nursery looks great, and I love that you repurposed your DH's old dresser. We did something similar... repainted my Beloved's childhood dresser and converted an old entertainment unit into a change table. I love that green, and I agree with your idea of a lighter green on the slanted parts of the wall/ceiling.

  5. Sending prayers your way!!!
    So excited at all this action!
    I love the color! I say add a lighter green to the transitional part do you can extend the tree into it and it won't look weird or out of place on white.
    I love both pieces of furniture - I remember you redid the chest of drawers a while ago. Your hubby's dresser looks so great now! Fingers crossed!

  6. Sorry for not commenting recently - I'm happy to hear things are going well! I have a tree mural in my daughter's room, and i LOVE it, although I hesitated to have green leaves against a green background. In the end, her room is painted a tangerine color.

    I especially like your idea of a transitional green color - go for it!


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