Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time is flying

I can't believe it is the weekend already. We only have two and a half more weeks. Eek! Today we hope to finally our tree mural and curtains up. At that point the nursey itself will be nearly finished. Although there is still that whole "get a crib mattress" bit we have to think about. But we plan on using a pack and play in our bedroom for the first few months anyway, so that can wait. I want to get some closet organizers.

I only have two more weeks at work. And next week I will be out of the office the whole week, so really it seems like only one week. Is it wrong that part of me is counting down the days until I am on leave from work rather than when our son will be here? Generally I like my job, but there are a few things where I am like "hey, that's going to be someone else's problem soon."

My other random thought is that I wonder what the mail/UPS guy is thinking. I was never the type to get to know my delivery person, even when I was in grad school and was home during the day. Until we got married and started receiving 2-3 packages a day. Then the UPS guy made a special effort to introduce himself and comment on all the packages. He was very nice and we worked out a plan for where to put packages when we are not home. Now I come home and again am greeted with a pile of packages. It is just making me think of that time right around our wedding when our mail also increased. It made me smile and was a reminder (as if I needed one) of how this is one of life's major events.

*Edited to add these pictures of our almost finished nursery.


  1. Time sure does fly when you're preparing! And I remember those feelings of 'soon I won't be worrying about this' in relation to work. For me, my excitement was centered around being able to miss the crazy hectic holiday retail season.

    Have fun this weekend as you work on the nursery! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Wow, time really did fly - I can't believe it's only 2.5 more weeks Missy!! SO excited for you. And the nursery is lovely.


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