Sunday, March 4, 2012


Thanks for all your good thoughts. And thanks to Becky for walking me through this induced breastfeeding! I was getting discouraged because AF left a few days ago and still nothing has returned, but then I just as I read your comment, I was pumping while online and then another drop appeared, so I feel better that something is coming back. I know that it is different once you get a baby to suck.

We are still busy working on our to-do list. I have massive loads of laundry to do. Not that I will be taking my entire wardrobe, but I hate returning to a messy house and want to gets things in place before we leave. And we are putting up additional rods and shelves in the nursery closet to get that organized. And a handful of other chores to do.

I'm sure you guys have heard about the tornadoes that went through several states a few days ago. There was a tornado in my city, but not too close to my house. We did have a pretty bad hailstorm. Today I noticed some hail damage to my car. It's not that bad (it did take me 2 days to notice), but of course it added to my argument that a new car should come sooner rather than later!

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  1. So glad that the pumping has begun to yield some results again!

    I hear you about not liking to come home to a messy house. Especially when you know that there is going to be something distracting you from worrying about the laundry and stuff when you get home!

    So, your car has dimples now? (happened to us several years ago... it's kinda funny when you can see little puddles on the hood of your car)


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