Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One more day

Well, we are on our way. I ended up working all day yesterday, even though I had planned to leave early. And there is still one thing I need to finish when we are in the car today. After that, I made it clear that they are not to keep bothering me with work requests, unless there is some big emergency. I have heard others say that the communication is still pretty open when they were on leave, but that is not happening to me.

Yesterday I was in a very peaceful place. Not feeling too overwhelmed, but not too giddy with excitement either. Today and I am starting to get nervous and anxious. There Re just so many unknowns and of course motherhood is something you can't really prepare for.

To keep my mind off of it, I have been focusing on helping my niece. She is a finalist in a radio singing contest! Please go to www.mix929.com and vote for Zoe Phillips. She is so talented, but is usually too shy to be in the spotlight like this. We are so proud of her. You can vote from 7am to 7pm central time. One vote per day per IP address.


  1. So happy for you! Motherhood is the best and hardest job I have ever had, you will be great!


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