Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birth day


We wake up at the time M was checking into the hospital.


We arrive at the hospital and are introduced to the waiting room. Luckily we have it all to ourselves.


I check my email and find an email from M. She couldn't sleep last night. She asked that we name the baby Seven, with the name we picked out as his middle name. Umm, no. But she can put what she wants on the birth certificate. How do we handle this?

Then the nurse comes out to update us. They've had some delays and M is just getting prepped now. They expect the baby to be born at around 8 or so, and will let us look in the glass at the nursery. We thought we would have more access than that. And, M wants to meet us after she is back in her room, at 9 or so. She previously said she did not want to see us at the hospital. And the caseworker won't be here until this afternoon (don't ask).

So in the space of a few minutes, everything seemed to be changing. And to round it out, another family came to join us and we now longer had the waiting room to ourselves. We go downstairs to call the caseworker to get some advice. She says to just be ourselves.


Still waiting. Might as well vote for my niece Zoe in the singing competition at


I begin wondering whether we should go check on whether you have been born yet. The nurse said they would come get us, but now I'm anxious. E says we should wait until 9, I compromise to 8:45.


I can't take it anymore and we go to the desk to ask. You are born and we can go look at the nursery! We finally get to see you and you are perfect! So small and so cute! You are cold and they don't have a blanket on you yet. We only get to stand outside the nursery looking in while the nurse, Amy, cleans you up and takes all your vitals. We meet M's friend who is also looking at you. She is very nice and tells us all about your birth. M is doing well and you are completely healthy! 6 pounds, 2 ounces. You were born at 8:35. A few minutes later the doctor comes out to talk to us and the nurse gives me a wrist band.

At this point things become a bit of a blur. We don't get to hold you until almost noon and it was driving us crazy. We stood outside the nursery the whole time because we didn't want to leave your side. The hospital staff kept walking by and telling us congratulations. The hospital has been pretty good although I don't know how they are treating M.

We finally get to take you out of the nursery and hold you. We have our own room to stay in here all night with you. I got to give you your first hug and kiss. We tried breast feeding and you did great! Let's hope that keeps up. And after the feeding came the first diaper and I got the pleasure of changing that big mess.

We called our family and sent pictures and everyone agrees you are so handsome. The nurse brought you to M, so she could meet you. I know they took some pictures together, so I hope there is a way for you to see them someday. Your daddy bought some flowers for M. M's friend bought you a cute and soft teddy bear. Everyone loves you so much!

The only thing that is frustrating is that the agency caseworker is not here yet. That seems bizarre to me and is awkward since we have not met M and are not in a place to talk directly to her.


  1. Oh Missy! **tears**

    I am so glad that he's here safely and healthy! And I'm also so happy to hear that bf-ing has gotten off to a good start!! I can't wait to hear more!

    Praying that the rest of today goes smoothly and that the transition is as easy as it possibly can be over the next few days.

  2. Wow.. *tears* here too! What a sweet story - Congrats and I too hope everything goes smoothly :)

  3. Tears here too!! So thankful your boy is here and you have held him in your arms!!!! Congratulations!

  4. Love and happy thoughts to you from WA.

  5. Oh, how exciting! Your story made me cry!! Your son has arrived! Yippee!

    P.S. Seven? Was she kidding?

  6. Congratulations!!! Just reading this reminds me of my boys' births - such happy days. And yet, difficult because of all the trying not to step on anyone's toes or make things more difficult for their birth families. Sending hugs! Cuddle that baby, mama!!!!!!!

  7. Wonderful!!! Hope the rest of the day goes smoothly:) congratulations a hundred times!

  8. Wonderful... you brought tears of joy to my eyes. In regards to the naming question, go with the flow for now, once he is legally yours you can change it... that process is simple. Congrats!!!

  9. Happy tears :) Congratulations Mama and Daddy. He's a lucky little boy.

  10. Congratulations, that's wonderful news about your son!!!

  11. Congrats!!! What a wonderful story, cant wait to hear more!

  12. I'm so excited for you! You two have been through so much, and this makes it all worth it.

  13. Congratulations Missy on the birth of your son!!!! Praying that the rest of this process goes smoothly for you!!!

  14. Seven!! Hope your next few days go smoothly and are full of only happiness and good news :)

  15. So happy to hear this! Congratulations! Praying for your first days together to go smoothly. :-D

  16. Beautiful! Congratulations mommy:) I hope everything continues to go well. I am thinking of you and your family!

  17. Congratulations! So excited for you!!!

  18. Did you seriously just say "Umm, no." to the request of your child's real mother to bestow a name upon her son? Really? She can give you her child, but you can't give her the respect of keeping his name?


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