Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happiest baby

OK, I am a new convert to the Happiest Baby on the Block. Granted, we haven't been able to get the book or DVD yet, but after two people recommended it yesterday, we did some internet sleuthing and figured out some of the tenets. Last night we swaddled him tightly (we were swaddling, but still pretty loosely), turned the hair dryer on (and then found the sound of a hair dryer on our phone), and then swayed until he went to sleep. And he only woke up once from midnight to 8am! I'm hoping this was not just a fluke.

Although I think it is funny because we seem more tired today than previous days. We must have been running on adrenaline for so long that now our bodies were like, "sleep, that's what that feels like."

Yesterday we met with some good friends of ours who live near where Seven was born. They knew we were trying to adopt but we had not told them about our match with Seven. And they were always the type of people who were never sure they wanted kids. So we were not sure how it would go. But it was terrific. He slept through the whole time (of course, it was in the middle of the day). But they were very excited for us and said how adorable he was. And we got a surprise because they just found out they are pregnant! We were one of the first they have told, so it was fun.

We are getting together with them today for dinner. This hotel does have free dinner on weeknights, but we tried it last night and it was fine, but not spectacular. I did make an appointment with a lactation consultant. With those two things and giving Seven a bath, it will be a full day!

Seven is changing so much every day. His eyes are starting to focus and his skin seems like it fits better now. His smiles are so cute and melt my heart, even if they are just due to gas.


  1. I love hearing these updates! I hope you are taking tons of pictures of him since they grow and change so much!

    Glad you got Seven to sleep some...hopefully you will get some rest soon too.

  2. These early days are the hardest and most rewarding! You'll be so glad that you have chronicled it so closely! Congratulations, again!

    The swaddle is about the most amazing thing, ever. It's the only way I could get my youngest to rest for six months.

  3. So glad to hear that you all were able to get some sleep!

    I never mastered swaddling (reminder to self... do some reading about that soon!), but I know that for some babies it means the difference between contentment and chaos.

    Glad to hear that guys were able to connect with some friends in the middle of all this!

  4. Wonderful update!! We swear by Happiest Baby, and swaddled our youngest till he was around 8 months. The swaddle sacks by Woombie were our personal favorite and made it so easy.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad the hair drier worked for you! Like I said, that did wonders for us with both of our boys. There will be times when it only works if it's really loud, people always look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that, but it's really true, just like the tight swaddle, the loud white noise is key. It makes those early weeks livable. And yes, you were definitely running on adrenaline. Do try to nap some when Seven naps, even if it feels silly, or you don't "feel" tired, you need your rest, your whole life just got flipped on it's head! I am loving the updates, keep them coming!


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