Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revocation period

It's over! M's revocation period is over. We were not really stressing about it, but it stills feels good to have that past us. Today was also a big day because Seven met his Nana and Grandpa. They drove all the way out here to see him and were so in love the moment they saw him. He slept through the big introduction. He did wake up a bit later so they could see his eyes and play with him a bit. My mom arrives tomorrow.

The bad news from today is that we have heard nothing about ICPC. The lawyer was going to call us once the first state cleared us. That hasn't happened yet, which means it is unlikely that both states will clear in time for us to go home this weekend. E has to get back to work, so he will leave with his parents on Sunday and my mom will stay to help me with Seven. I was hoping we would not have to do that, but it's looking like a good possibility now.


  1. YAY!!!!!!! It's yet another thing to check off the list that leads to Seven being part of his forever family :) Sending pryers that ICPC gets resolved soon. It certainly can be a pain in the rear.

  2. One step closer! Praying that all the other legalities come together quickly!

    Glad that the intro with Grandpa and Nana went so well!!!

  3. Yay! That's a big one on the checklist!

  4. That is great news!! I hope things with the ICPC get cleared up soon:)

  5. Bye-bye revocation period! Yay!

    Hope the rest gets sorted out quickly for you!


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