Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One week

Seven is one week old today! It is amazing how much he changes everyday. It is also amazing how much we have changed. I find myself not only falling in love with Seven, but also falling in love all over again with E as I watch him with Seven. As much as I wish we were in our own home, it has been so nice to just have the three of us together. No distractions from work, no distractions from well-meaning family. It is just us trying to figure out how to be a family and take care of Seven's needs.

Seven is really getting big and strong. He is pretty good at holding his head up already! When we lay him down, it doesn't take long before he starts trying to roll over. And this morning I had him on my lap with his legs by my stomach and he just about launched himself off by pushing on his legs. We were not expecting any of this for quite a while! He (and us!) had another good night of sleep last night. I think a hair dryer is my new favorite thing. There is one area where we are concerned about him. He didn't have a dirty diaper yesterday and the number of wet ones decreased by half. He is still eating plenty, so we're not sure what is wrong.

We saw our friends again last night. They wanted to cook us dinner to make it easier for us. It was great to spend more time with them and talk with them about their thoughts on their pregnancy. I realized after we left that this was the first time that hearing someone's pregnancy announcement or hearing them talk so much about being pregnant did not bother me. Of course I had little Seven in my arms and he can make anything better. We talked about our experiences in the hospital and in the first week and while I did mention how things would be different for them since she will give birth, I wasn't wistfully thinking I wish I had it that way. It was more of a matter of fact, "well, it was different for us because of the adoption." And not "one more way in which we are imposters to this parenthood game." The blissful feeling we have now won't last forever, I'm sure, but we are enjoying this time. 

E's parents arrive tomorrow and my mom the following day. So this is our last day of just us. I am feeling bittersweet about that. Obviously I want Seven to meet his grandparents and I want to show him off! But then our special time will come to an end. Our decision to have our family wait was definitely the right one. Despite not wanting this time to end, I am much more ready now to see them than I was over the weekend.

We have exchanged emails with M. It is hard to tell, but I guess she is doing as well as can be expected. She said again that she is at peace with the decision. Yet she is still grieving. But she really appreciated the pictures we sent her. The only thing on our agenda for today is laundry, so if I'm feeling ambitious, I will try to do a photo shoot and get some cute picture of seven with the necklace she bought for him. We have 2 more days until her revocation period is up. I was expecting to be much more stressed about it than I am. I just have this sense of peace that Seven is where he is supposed to be that I am not worrying about the revocation period or the birthfathers.


  1. That time alone is so precious, isn't it? I'm so glad to hear that things are continuing to go well.

    I wouldn't worry too much yet about the lack of a dirty diaper. He may just be experiencing a bit of constipation from the changes that happen in your milk. Keep an eye on it certainly, but try not to stress. :)

  2. Breastfed babies sometimes only poop once a week, that's perfectly normal. If he is taking more formula than BM, he may be constipated - keep an eye on it!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the week you had to yourselves. Time does go by so quickly. I love reading your posts and how happy and at peace you sound! Seven is one lucky little guy.

  3. I agree with what Mrs. G and Arwhen said about constipation. They also seem to slow down a little after they get things "moving" so to speak. This is so beautiful to read about! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I agree with the others but wanted to add that the change in wet diapers is something to keep an eye on. With breastfed babies, wet diapers is how you tell if they are dirinking enough. Although he is sleeping better, at this age he shouldn't be sleeping in too long periods as he still needs to eat frequently. I'd give the lactation consutant a ring, but I'll share what I was told when DD was Seven's age (she slept well and would go long periods without waking to eat), she (and DD's pediatrician) said to make sure she was nursing every 3 hours and to wake her if I had to.

    Sounds like Seven is really settling in. Congrats on surviving the first week! :)

  5. Your little Seven sounds so strong and healthy! I'm glad you had alone time with him so you guys can bond with him.

    What great steps forward for you (or any of us with IF) to discuss pregnancy stuff and not be jealous. Yay for you!


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