Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday we noticed a shift in Seven. I don't know if it was the excitement of having his Grandma here (who is a burst of activity for everyone), or just how he is growing, but it was the first day he stayed awake for any period of time. His usual pattern is to wake up only to eat and then fall asleep while eating. But now he wants to stay awake and let us play with him for a little bit. It is so much fun.

Seven continues to amaze us with what he is doing. He is practically rolling over already. He is such a growing boy and eats like a horse. The breastfeeding has improved and my nipples are much less sore. It's unclear how much milk I am producing. He does favor one side, but I am trying not to let him spend too much time there, so the other side gets stimulated as well. We have figured out how to use the Medela double SNS, which gave us trouble at first. I still can't get the Lact-aid system to work.

The sad part of today is that E needs to leave us. He has already taken two weeks off work and needs to head back. My mom is staying to help me until we get the clearance for ICPC. I am debating about whether we should stay in this hotel or not. It is a fine hotel and I feel settled here. There is a nice walking trail right next to it and lots of stores should we need anything or just need to get out of the hotel. But since the restriction is only that we can't leave the state and not that we can't leave the county, it is possible for us to drive halfway home and still stay in this current state. Obviously that would put us that much closer to home once we get the ICPC call.

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  1. Pleased that you are doing well. Sorry that E has to go back. Really hope you get to go home soon!


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