Monday, July 19, 2010

Religious Freedom

My community has been in the news lately due to a Muslim group that wants to build a new mosque. I think we should support the right of people to follow whatever faith tradition they think is right, but I guess many people don't agree and there have been a number of protests of this mosque. Today I attended an interfaith walk that started at a Methodist church, passed several other churches, and had opening prayers given by someone from my Catholic church and a Jewish community. It ended at an Islamic center/mosque a few blocks from my house.

Despite being an overly hot Southern July afternoon, it was a wonderful experience. Everyone out to show support for peace, justice, and religious freedom. The best moment was when the owner of a gas station that was on the route figured out what the walk was about and kept running back and forth with handfuls of ice cold bottled water. If I wasn't already sweating buckets, I would say it filled with a warm fuzzy feeling.


  1. What an awesome display of religious unity!!! I may not agree with the teachings of other religions, but I can't stand it when people spread hatred just because of religious differences. And the stereotype that people put on Islam based on a select group of extremists makes me sick. They forget the history of people who called themselves "Christians" and twisted Bible verses to their own liking to promote violence. Just last week I had to call someone out who is sooo convinved that the Quran is evil he said he "can't resist an opportunity to insult Islam" and that he has "no tolerance for Islamic culture in America." Um, hello? Isn't "no tolerance" the exact policy that terrorists of ANY kind work by?

  2. Way to go, Missy!! That sounds like a great experience! Good for you.


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