Monday, July 12, 2010

Next steps

Thanks for your advice! I did call in the morning and they got my records. So we were all set for our appointment. The bad news is hubby's results from the sperm penetration were the worst results he's gotten yet. This time even the count was low, which he did not have a problem with before. And the SPA results were below what they should be.

But the doctor didn't think a few IUI cycles with FSH injectibles would be a total waste of money, so we are going down that route. He would start us with my next cycle, but we will be on vacation right at the crucial time, so we will start around the end of August. The next step is to schedule our FSH class. My other doctor appointment today was with a dermatologist for my poison ivy rash (ugh, still here, starting another set of steroid pills). She also gave me a steroid shot and when I was leaning over for that shot, I couldn't help but think soon I'll be getting shots for something else entirely!


  1. I'm sorry that the SPA results weren't what you were looking for, but I'm glad that you were able to get your records and that the appointment was worthwhile.

  2. I'm sorry the SPA test didn't go so well. Hopefully (and it sounds like it) it was just a bad sample from your dh. I didn't find the FSH shots to be bad at all. They were actually the easiest of the ones I did and not nearly the pain in the ass (literally) as the progesterone!

    I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing vacation!


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