Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. I had a great weekend with my cousin, aunt, gramma, and mom. We saw several colleges and it made me wish for my college days again! Plus it was just great to see my family for a few days and do some shopping. Right now her top choice is USC. Any Trojans out there?

2. I have an iPad! It is so much fun, and I've only had it for a day so far.

3. AF came over the weekend, so we are officially one cycle away from our next IUI. We go to the shots class next week.

4. DH's uncle and cousin were in town yesterday. Again, it was good to see family and his parents and uncles told all these fantastic stories about the family. They should really write down some of this history.

5. One thing that was revealed is that his mom and uncle use different versions of the family tomato sauce recipe. DH's grandparents owned an Italian restaurant, so he was always adamant that we follow the recipe to the letter. I didn't want to really alter it, just that it didn't make much sense to buy canned whole tomatoes and then crush them by hand. If you are going to use canned tomatoes, why not just get them already crushed? Anyway, his mom uses a blender! So I made a batch tonight and broke a few rules in the recipe.

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