Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes! You are all so right and thanks for reminding me that I need to forget about the calendar and let things fall into place. So we are full steam ahead on our end. We would do IUI next cycle, but we also have a fantastic vacation planned for August, so we are just waiting for that. And that is worth waiting for because we will have a blast.

And I did feel better about my thoughts regarding the dates b/c I spoke with my older sister about the wedding and she is worried she will have to leave one kid behind if it coincides with the state soccer championship. I mean, I know her two older kids are the stars of their very competitive teams and soccer is important to them, but I can't imagine there is much in a 12-year-old's life that is more important than attending their uncle's wedding. Who knows, the team may not even make it to the finals next year.

I do think the wedding date would work well around the hubby's MBA graduation. As long as they stick to late May, we should be fine. And the college where I did my graduate degree was pretty flexible about letting grad students walk whenever they wanted to, so he should be able to have that experience regardless.

In other news, I need to figure out how to stew and can tomatoes! We are getting so many from our CSA. There are a few from our Topsy Turvy, but they are quite small (I think it is due to the type of tomato we bought and not the planter) so not much to cook up. We've already made a double batch of the hubby's Italian family pasta sauce and meatballs and also lasagne. Today we got 6 more pounds of tomatoes! And zucchini. Who knew zucchini was so plentiful? We have some parties this weekend and will be bringing some zucchini bread to the hosts.


  1. I just canned cucumbers last sunday. Found a great recipe online for dill pickles. The internet has some great info. The cardboard holder that comes with new canning jars has a great How to also. Lastly, the "Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving" is a great reference to have and keep. Let us know what you end up making out of all that good stuff! Happy Canning :)

  2. I've been gone and out of the loop - so glad to come back to hear you're full steam ahead for August :)

    Ooh, and I looooove canning! It's so much fun. Adrienne has a lot of good canning advice... I'm kind of a novice at it. GL!


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