Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I did want to share what we did on Mother's Day because it was quite eventful. It started off with a bang as E sprained his ankle on the way into church. It was raining and he was trying to hurry in with Seven. He insists he did not drop him, so I'll just say he put him down very quickly. Seven was in the car seat carrier and was only one or two feet off the ground, so he was OK.

After church, we went home so he could ice his ankle for a bit and then went to Starb.ucks. We enjoyed hanging out and making him laugh. Here is a picture of mommy and Seven playing:

We then met E's parents for brunch. We had been to this place for the past few years, but it was not up to par this year. We spent a little bit of time at their house before heading home. I then took Seven to my knit and crochet group. It was a fun time because this group has heard my updates every month and it was nice to have them meet Seven.

This week has been one of transition as I started back at work. Yeah, we are rethinking how we are doing this transition. E stayed home with him on Monday and it was OK, although Seven was fussier than normal. Tuesday, Nana and Grandpa picked up Seven to watch him at their house. And it did not go so well. Seven seemed happy at first, but I think the new surroundings were making it hard for him to sleep and that made him cranky. So they brought him home at lunch time. It was hard because they were worried he was sick since he was crying so much and so I just wanted to see him and hold him and see what is going on with him. But he was fine once he got home and was able to nurse. So we are rethinking how we are going to transition him and finding ways for me to be home more than we had planned at first.

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  1. Going back to work is so hard! I'm just you'll fine the right formula to make it all work. Hugs til you do.


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