Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sleeping update

Seven's sleeping has continued to go relatively well, although not always consistent. At least he does well enough, and E and I have a system, so that we don't feel too sleep deprived. Basically, we trade off who is responsible for getting up with Seven during the night. One night, I will get up the first time he wakes up and E will get up the second time. So if Seven sleeps all night or only gets up once, one of us could get a full night's sleep.

The problem with that plan is that I am a horrible mother. OK, not really, but I am a heavy sleeper. And it makes me feel horrible that even when I am responsible for getting up with Seven, E has to wake me up when he cries. Yes, I am probably the only mother in the world that sleeps right through her baby crying.

So now I'm trying to put a positive spin on my lack of maternal instincts. Last night, for example, it allowed us to realize that Seven has started putting himself back to sleep. It was my turn to get up with Seven's first waking. E pokes me at about 1:30 saying he his crying. I try to listen to the monitor and don't hear anything. E insists he was crying. I heard a couple of murmurs and waited to see if would lead something more. And it didn't. I went to check on him and he was sleeping. He didn't need attention until after 4am (which was 7 hours of sleep)!


  1. I wonder if I'll be the same way--sleeping through my baby's cries. Although, we've had our niece here with us for a night or two here and there and I wake up as soon as she stirs. But I have a feeling the night after night of getting up is going to make me sleep through it when I'm so tired. Thankfully DH is a very light sleeper! ;)

  2. So how does that system work with breastfeeding??

  3. Some people are heavier sleepers than others. My Beloved could sleep through a tornado. And last week when I was in the hospital, I confess that one time it was the crying of the baby in the next bed that woke me up, even tho Pip was crying up a storm.

    Good to hear that Seven is learning to self-soothe. That is so helpful for Mommy-sanity. :)


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