Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy weekend

We've had quite a busy few days. And a lot of visitors. My sister graduated from college on Saturday. This is quite an achievement as she had to drop out many years ago to raise her kids. It was hard for her to find time (and money) to go back, and I am so proud that she did so. Most of the family came to see her graduation.

Since all this family was coming into town, E and I decided to plan Seven's baptism for this weekend. We asked my cousins to be his godparents, so my aunt and cousins also came for the weekend. So after a full day on Saturday, we all woke up early on Sunday for his baptism. It was beautiful and he did so well during mass. The baptismal outfit I made for him (with some last minute help from my grandmother) was terrific.

With the celebrations attached to these events, it was quite a full weekend. Seven got to meet so many new relatives. The cutest was finally getting Seven together with his two young cousins. As I've mentioned, both my sister and SIL had baby girls two days apart. They are about 5 weeks older than Seven. In my completely objective opinion, Seven is the cutest of the bunch (but they are all cuties!).

Here they are in matching hats I made them. It is hard to believe that the two girls on each side on Seven are only 2 days apart.

The other momentous news: Seven slept through the night! With all the family in town, we put him to sleep in the crib in his nursery for the first time as E and I slept on the floor there since we had to give up our bed to company. Technically he woke up when we transferred him from his carseat to the crib, but he went right back to sleep. If we don't include that, he slept for 9 straight hours! We were so happy. I guess all we need to do is tire him out with tons of new people. 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend...and that Seven is tired out and loves being around family.

    Happy baptism!!

  2. Wow... busy and fun weekend! Yay for the full night of sleep!

    Love the pic of Seven with his cousins. They all look adorable!

    Blessings on your little man!

  3. YAY for sleep!! And those hats are adorable!


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