Friday, May 18, 2012


Every day, Seven is seeming less like a newborn and more like an infant. He sits up really well when we prop him. He's noticed his hands and control them pretty well. He hardly ever has that reflexive shake he used to have. Now, Seven is starting to get mobile! The first thing I noticed was that he turns himself like a clock while sleeping. I have no idea how that happens, but I might put him down all swaddled up with his head pointing north and find his head pointing south when I check on him later. Next I noticed him scooting himself down while on his back. If I put him on his back in the center of his playmat, he will slowly scoot down so his legs are off the mat. This is big news as it means he can scoot himself off something and fall if we don't watch him.

E insists he is rolling over to his side. I'm not so convinced as all of these instances have been when he is on a cushion where one of us was basically providing a downward slope due to where we were sitting. It's much easier to roll when you are heading downhill.

And now this morning, I went to check on him and he had moved from the center of his crib to right up against the side. Uh oh, now I need to start worrying about him getting stuck in the side of his crib.

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