Thursday, May 10, 2012

Showing off cloth diapers

OK, I have this irrational competition with my little sister. Not with my older sister, but with my younger one. I can't explain why it is. I am much closer in age to my older sister, so you would think I would be more competitive with her. I think part of it is that my younger sister and I are more similar in some ways. Anyway, I was super excited that she came out last weekend for Seven's baptism. And because I knew she did not use cloth diapers on either of her kids, I had to show off his cuteness in the diapers. So I saved my cutest diapers for the first day she was here. It was a hot day so at one point he was wearing just a onesie and a diaper. My SIL was holding him and asked why we were covering up his shorts. She thought it was cute and said we should put it outside the onesie. That's when I pointed out that that was his diaper. They were so impressed. I got out a clean one and showed it off to them. I'm not sure they were convinced to start using them, but it was fun showing them off!

The other good CDing news is that we found a daycare for Seven (I can't believe I have to go back to work next week!) and they will work with cloth diapers. His grandparents will be watching him for several days over the next few weeks, and I am not sure they are sold on the cloth diapers, but at least we won't be making a big switch to disposables for daycare.

I do have to admit that cloth diapers are addicting. I find myself always wanting to buy some cute diaper or wetbag online. I have to keep holding myself back! He is solidly in cloth diapers now, except for overnight. He did stay all night in a cloth diaper in his first time sleeping through the night because we did not expect him to go to sleep for the whole night. Two weeks ago, we were buying a bunch of stuff at BRU and E wanted to get more diapers. I was hesitant because the only package they had in his current size was a pack of 60. I knew he would not be in that size much longer, so I didn't want to buy such a big pack. So he bought a smaller pack at the grocery store the next day. But we are still only halfway through that pack. It is getting tight to use those diapers, but I don't want to waste the disposables we did buy. Now that he is ready to move up in size in disposables, I might try to keep him in cloth overnight.


  1. I totally get this! I've been trying to get my daughter into cloth diapers for 3 months and something keeps coming up, like reactions or outright refusals to sleep in the cloth diaper. Just this past week we finally managed it during the day and I couldn't be prouder! I have a SIL who is rather crunchy, but didn't CD with her daughter, and I was determined to make it work with mine in case she had another baby and CD'd. I'd feel like I failed, if she did it when we tried and it didn't work out.

  2. They are addicting, aren't they? Not that it makes sense, mind you, they're diapers after all. But I, too, have to make myself walk away from the CD website. So glad they're working for you!

  3. Ah yes, the compulsion to buy more cute CDs and accessories!! Quite possibly my favorite part of CDing... no wait, it might be the CD butt... anyway, I totally hear you! And about the overnights - some people just never do cloth overnight and we were one of those families. We'd try it every once in a while but she was such a heavy night wetter for so long that she'd soak through everything we tried, so eventually we just decided to wave the white flag and do one 'sposie at night. It was a good compromise for us.


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