Friday, May 11, 2012


I was a little worried that Seven's feat of sleeping through the night was just due to an overly busy weekend. But he's made great progress over this week. In the last week, he's had 3 nights with no wakings before 5am (which is sleeping through the night from my perspective, even if I would like to sleep a little longer!) and the other nights he had 6-7 hours of straight sleep. On our first night with him in his room and us in our room (which are on different floors), we kept waking up to check on him just in case the monitor was not working. It was working just fine, he just wanted to sleep. I have no idea how to tell people what we did to get here, but apparently he likes his crib in his own room way more than the pack and play in our room.


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  3. Sounds like he was just ready for it :) Yay for all of you!


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