Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful weekend

The weather was just about perfect this weekend and we took full advantage of it. After breakfast out on our new patio, we went for a hike. Well, "hike" might be a glorified term for what we did, but it was a nice walk through wooded area. I carried Seven in our front carrier. We faced him forward for the first time and he really enjoyed looking at all the new trees and birds we saw.

Today we had not one, but two, picnics. The first was hosted by our agency with all their current and prospective adoptive families. It was a lot of fun and everyone loved meeting Seven. There was one other couple from our group training there who has a child already and it was great to hear about their story. We hope to set up some playdates soon.

Then we went to our parish picnic. That was another fun time, especially because just this morning in church, Seven was fussy and I had gone to the back to calm him down and he fell asleep. Since this was during communion, I was the last person to go and had a sleeping baby in my arms. Everyone at the picnic kept saying how adorable he was sleeping.

What a perfect weekend!

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