Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seven on Seven

Seven is seven weeks old today. To celebrate, here are seven thoughts:

1. Yesterday, his cord stump FINALLY fell off. I stopped doing anything to it at all and it shriveled up quickly. I was so happy to see it gone. There was one tiny piece that was still there, but it is starting to get covered up by his belly button as it shrinks. Tomorrow he will get his first real bath!

2. I only have 2.5 more weeks until my leave is up. I am really enjoying our time together (and let's be honest, my time off work) and am sad to see it ending soon. I've also started the daycare search. My employer offers high quality child care on campus at a great rate, but the waiting list is long. We put our name on the list near the start of our adoption wait and are currently close to the top of the list. They sounded optimistic that we could get a spot over the summer, but we need to find something until then. I toured one place today that seemed good, but need something to compare it to.

3. Seven gets his first shots in 5 weeks, so we are using a combination of Daddy and grandparents to care for him until then. We have not been keeping him away from crowds until he has his first shots as I heard some parents do, but daycare is another story and we don't want to risk that.

4. We are planning Seven's baptism in 10 days. We planned it for the day after my sister graduates from college, so lots of family will be in town to celebrate. Some friends from church recently visited the middle east on a holy land tour and brought us holy water from the Jordan River to use in his baptism. I am making his outfit from material from my wedding dress (my grandmother made my dress, so there is leftover material). So it will be a special day all around.

5. I weighed Seven on our super-accurate scale (our Wii Fit). He was about 9.5 pounds. No wonder we are putting away his newborn clothes! He is growing so quickly.

6. A few years ago, E and I attended a weekend group session on dealing with infertility. I kept in touch with one woman from that group. They adopted a baby boy and were a terrific resource for us. After several miscarriages, they also just gave birth to a little girl. Seven and I went to visit them this week and had a great time. Or at least I did, Seven ate and slept through the whole visit.

7. My friend lives near E's office and so Seven paid his first visit to Daddy's office. E loved showing him off to all his coworkers!


  1. How can he be 7 weeks already!? Time flies!

    We had Ginny's baptismal gown made out of my wedding dress. I'm hoping that it will be a bit of a family heirloom.

  2. Sounds like his baptism will be so special!


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