Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cloth diaper change

Here is Seven in his very first cloth diaper:

Today we participated in the great cloth diaper change. For those of you who haven't heard about, this is a network that is trying to set a world record of changing cloth diapers all around the world. We did have fun going, but E thought it could have been a scene out of a cheesy romantic comedy.* From the massive construction that blocked not one but two routes into that part of town to the musician playing her guitar and singing with a four year old, you can almost hear the screen writers in their planning room. He was waiting for Hugh Grant to walk in. The way we had to raise our hand with the diaper and then just our hand and then raise the baby with the cloth diaper on, it would have been great fodder for comedy. And then we finished the scene in our head when Seven got hungry at the end and I whipped out his formula packet to make a bottle. That seemed exactly the wrong thing to do with this crowd (although no one appeared to care).

This was our first outing with the cloth diapers. And since we didn't go home right away, we had to change another one while away from home. And it was a success. I think I've become used to the diapers, but now am stepping into the world of cloth wipes. I have been using regular wipes even with the cloth diapers. So that will be my experiment this week to try out the cloth wipes.

We then went to the big baby store and closed out our registry. Now Seven has everything he could possibly need. At least until he starts eating food, which come to think of it, won't be so long now.

*We will freely admit to being there, so we were making fun of ourselves as well in this joking.


  1. He's getting so big already! What a cutie, Missy! Nice job on the cloth diapers... I always did want to try them but gave up!

  2. How great that you went to the GCDC! We went last year, but I wasn't able to go this year because of work (so bummed!). If it makes you feel any better, our first time at the World Breastfeeding Challenge (many of the same families there), I had to whip out formula to use in the SNS. I - seriously! - got some looks there :)

    And cloth wipes, I found that transition way easier than the cloth diapers. They're super easy to make, too. All those flannel receiving blankets cut up make great wipes!

  3. Yay for cloth! We participated in this event last year with the twins but skipped this year since baby 3 is arriving on wednesday! Keep at the cloth, it will get easier as you get a routine down. They will also start to fit better around 10 pounds and as they grow will be less and less bulky. We love California Baby Diaper Area Wash (target sells it) and Grovia wipes. We just spray the bum and wipe with the dry wipe. We use flushable wipes for big messes. Good luck!

    Just wanted to drop in and let you know I've been continuing to follow your journey and am so thrilled for you and your husband and your beautiful baby boy! I know it was a long journey, but I'm sure everyday when you see that precious little face you feel in your heart it was worth everything.
    C by the Sea


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