Monday, April 16, 2012


1. Operation cloth diapering has begun. I guess it is fitting to start this week since it is cloth diapering week. I appreciate all of your encouragement. The final straw was that he leaked through a disposable (and it was really, really dirty too). I figured if I could handle that, then I can handle whatever came next. He's had 3 cloth diapers today. Of course, so far they have all been dirty and wet. I suppose I needed that for my introduction.

2. He has officially grown out of his first outfit. We put him in the sleeper in which we took him home from the hospital in and it was too short. He is growing so big! The cloth diapers also make him seem so much bigger.

3. Another sign that he is growing is that he is unfurling now. I'm not sure if that is the right term or not, but while he still enjoys the fetal position (I don't blame him, I do too!), he no longer insists on being in a ball no matter how we are holding him. His body is getting straighter and he is stretching out more.

4. This past weekend was our first "normal" weekend since Seven was born. We didn't have any visitors, any holidays, or any other new-baby-specific activities. It was just our time to settle into our new routine. And I loved it! We had breakfast on our new patio and saw a movie on Saturday. We finally saw Hunger Games. Both E and I loved the books and would have been at the midnight showing of the movie if we didn't have a newborn. We knew we were taking a chance, but thought we could get the timing right for Seven to sleep through it. Of course he woke up as we were buying our tickets and fussed through all the previews. Luckily, I was able to quiet him down and he fell asleep again right as the movie was starting and slept through the whole thing! Sunday we went to our favorite coffeehouse after church and took a walk to the local park in the afternoon. What a perfect weekend!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. It's so nice to have that time when you can just do normal stuff. It makes the whole thing so very real. :)

    And I like 'unfurling'. It works and it makes sense.

    How goes the breastfeeding? (not sure if I've missed an update on that front)

  2. What a lovely weekend! Pure bliss - and yay for newborns and being able to take them to the movies! I took Eliza to MANY movies at that stage. So fun! And hooray for starting him in cloth, you won't regret it :)

  3. Kudos for taking him to the movies....and yay! that he did a good job. It must feel great to get back to a normal feeling of a routine.


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