Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy, Busy

We have been pretty busy around here, with many milestones. Not really any milestones for Seven. He pretty much just eats and sleeps and poops. Although he is spending more time actually awake now. No, the milestones have been for us. With my mom leaving on Wednesday, I had my first entire day alone with Seven by myself on Thursday. Things went very well.

And then on Friday, I had something I could not get out of and so Seven had his first time alone with his grandparents. And my first time away from him. After I left, I was thinking it was not so hard at all. But when I returned I couldn't get enough snuggle time with Seven.

On Sunday, my friend and sister put on a baby shower for me and Seven! It was so much fun and I am so thankful they did this. Seven received so many beautiful presents. The shower had an owl/bird theme, and Seven dressed for the part. Here are a few pictures:


  1. Your shower looks like it was adorable and so much fun! You look really happy in all the pictures :) :)

  2. Yay for more pictures! Love the hat :)

  3. Such a sweet little guy. And I love his hat!

  4. You all look so happy! Love the owl cupcakes! Seven is adorable!

  5. So precious! Love that little hat!

    The firsts will just keep coming. Savour each one... :)


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