Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cloth diapers

OK, I have a changing table full of cloth diapers and cloth wipes and wet bags galore. But I am scared to take the plunge. We decided to get all one-size diapers so we wouldn't have to worry about cleaning in the first few weeks. But now those first weeks are over and I'm nervous about making the switch. What if I can't figure out how to clean them? Or what if he is still too small for the one size diapers and they leak? Any words of encouragement you can give me?


  1. Go for it. You'll never figure it out unless you try!! Do a "dry" run with fitting. Put a washcloth over his hinder while you get the one-size fitted and that way you won't worry about a little shower.
    Washing is simple enough after a few tries. You will have some issues, we all do - but you'll figure out how to deal with them. Go for it, Momma!!

  2. Here is some encouragement ... just try one per day for the first couple days! Or try one in the morning, and if it goes well, try the next one, too. You can throw on a disposable if/when you feel overwhelmed. It's not like there's no going back. Just do it! Good luck!

  3. My experience was that cloth diapers were much easier than I feared. Go for it, it is really not so scary.

  4. Do you know about how much he weighs? We had lots of leaks in the beginning when I would try out a one-sized to see if she was big enough yet. If it leaked, I'd just wait a week or so and try again. Now I hate when we have to use disposables! You can do it!

  5. I second what Emmy said. Teddy didn't really fit into his cloth diapers till around 3 months... and hey if you're nervous; go slow. Try one a day, then go to two, then work your way up. And I've noticed that with cloth diapers there isn't a stain that the sun can't get rid of. Good luck.

  6. You can do it!!! I think just saying, okay, I'll do one or two today and see how it goes, is a great way to start. It really is easy and I, too, hate it when we have to resort to disposibles (altho I can't remember the last time that happened, as in, we haven't had any in the house for more than a year).

    Laundering has been the most challenging part for us. Just make sure you have a cloth-friendly detergent (we use All Free&Clear) and wash on the hottest setting.

    It'll be fine and before you know it, you'll be addicted to cloth. Or maybe that's just me ;)


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