Friday, January 20, 2012


We have our first letter from the birthmother! This is so exciting. Anything really from her would have been great, but this letter in particular is fantastic. She talked about how hard it was to pick someone and some info on what she is thinking about this pregnancy. It just made my heart soar to read it!

In other news, I was with a group of people who all knew each other better than I knew them. Of the eight, one has a two month old, one just announced her pregnancy, and the third is due right at the same time as our son. So you imagine what the talk focused on. I so wanted to jump in the discussion with what we were doing! It was like this was IF haunting me where I still can't be excited with the average person. So the boost from reading the bm letter is even better after this meeting today!


  1. Woohoo Missy! How wonderful!!

  2. Yes!! Great news! What a relief that must be!

  3. What a wonderful sign that this match will be successful!! What is her due date again?

  4. Wow that is SO wonderful! I can hear the joy in your voice! :)


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