Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 book challenge

OK, I admit I didn't reach my 2011 goal of reading 40 books. Actually, I hit 25. I am a glutton for punishment, so I will try again in 2012. Hopefully my time for reading will go down in March, so I'll set my goal at 26 books. One more than last year. Go over to Kristin's place if you want to learn more about the challenge.

I already reviewed the books I read that were related to adoption. I read a few other non-fiction books.

-What Catholics Really Believe
-3 Cups of Tea
-The Case for District-Based Reform
-Inside School Turnarounds

For the general audience, 3 Cups of Tea would be of the most interest. But Catholics or educators might be interested in the others.

As for fiction:

-The Hunger Games (I practically inhaled the first one after getting it for a Christmas gift. I am now on the third)
-The Future of Us (Aimed at a teen audience, but full of cultural references for those in their early-mid 30s; it's about teens in the late 1990s who somehow see their future on this weird thing called
-Savannah Blues (good chick lit)
-Savannah Breeze (and another)
-Something Borrowed (and one more)
-Prayer for Owen Meany (denser than most of what I read this year, but very good)
-House on Oyster Creek
-Possessing the Secret of Joy
-Freedom (not a fan, despite this book being highly touted)
-State of Wonder by Ann Pachett (loved it)
-Little Bee
-All three of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (loved them! And saw the movie this past weekend!)
-Cutting for Stone
-Prodigal Summer (terrific!)

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  1. Ooh, some good book recs! Thanks Missy!

    (I read State of Wonder and I just could NOT get into it... but it came so highly recommended by people with whom I usually agree about books! It must have been me... :)


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