Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cloth diapering

OK, I need advice. We are cloth diapering. I purchased a couple of different types of diapers from different brands with the idea that we will try them out and see which type/brand we like the most.

But, what else do I need? Do we still get a diaper genie, or what do I put dirty diapers in before washing them? How do I wash them? Any special supplies I need for the washing?

Also, just so you know, we are not planning on CD while we are in ICPC. Laundry in a hotel will be enough of a pain that we are not going to worry about that. But the plan is that it basically means we are not worrying about newborn size diapers and just getting one size.


  1. There is a great cloth diaper group on Facebook. Cloth Diaper Q&A it's called, it's a closed group so you'd need an invite (if you friend me on FB I can send you an invite). We didn't cloth diaper until baby was 3 months or so old (because we got so many disposables at our shower), but I did quickly learn you need a wet bag (a bag to hold soiled diapers). Also trying several different style and brands is helpful, some diapers work better on some babies than others. There are some companies that allow you to try and return diapers. A diaper sprayer once baby gets older and starts solids is also nice. And there are so many different opinions on washing, stripping, etc... it can make your head spin. Check out diaperpin.com for resources as well.

  2. I second Kate, you need a wet bag to store them in. Also, yes, you need "natural" laundry detergent ... check out this info: http://motherandbabysource.com/BUMMIS-Customer-Care-Pack.pdf

    I used Country Save. You also need to be careful about what kind of diaper cream you use, since some will affect the absorbability of the diapers.

    In the end I didn't like the one size diapers because it was such a pain to adjust all of them. I also ended up not being crazy about the pocket diapers because I thought it was a pain to have to stuff them every single time I washed them, but I know a lot of people really like them because you can adjust how many absorbent pads you put in the pocket.

    I didn't have the sprayer, but I suspect it would have been nice. Another alternative I've heard about is to buy a spatula that is used only to scrape out solids from the diapers before putting them in the wet bag.

  3. Baby diapers are best for baby .But the question is whether to use cotton diapers or any other .

  4. The one size diapers didn't fit until 11ish pounds for us and others for that I know. But, now I am happy with them.

    You will need something to hold the dirties between washing. We use a plastic kitchen trashcan that has a pedal to open the lid. We have two pail liners that rotate and get washed with the diapers. I use Rockin Green to wash, and it's been fine.

    We also use cloth wipes and use a spray bottle to wet them before use, then just toss them in with the diapers. That's all I can think of right now!

  5. We do the same as Emmy - we have two wetbags that we use with a trash can and wash with each load.

    We didn't start out using cloth wipes but it's actually easier if you do so you don't have to separate wipes and dipes with each change! We roll ours and put in a wipes warmer, and then pour water + tea tree oil over the top. Works well.

  6. We use Bumgenius pocket diapers and have been very happy with them. They fit around 8 pounds and fit well around 10 pounds. We used disposables and NB cloth diapers for the first 6 weeks or so. We use the Planetwise Hanging Wet/dry bag to store dirties. It hangs on the doorknob in the room we change them in. (we have 2, one in use/one in wash- you can get on amazon) We have a pail liner in a regular covered trash can in our bathroom where we have the BG diaper sprayer attached to the toilet for poopy diapers. I use Grovia wipes and California Baby Diaper Area Wash Spray (you can get at target) and occasionally flushable disposable wipes for really messy changes. I love kellyscloset.com for info, shopping and great promotions. (also diaper shops.com- if you like them on FB you can see all their coupon codes) We wash in Rockin Green detergent and use the Funk Rock in our prewash.


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