Monday, January 24, 2011

Meeting today

About a year ago, we attended a mind-body seminar for infertile couples. We met several other couples in our area who are also struggling with IF. I kept with one of them since then and they adopted a little boy. So I met with her today to hear about their process. She was amazingly helpful. She not only laid out the process they used, but a list of other agencies and lawyers and everything else that she checked into and thought were good. She also said once she started the process and people knew about it, other adoptive parents came out of the woodwork and they shared experiences. So she had a ton of resources and knowledge about these organizations besides what I can read on their website.

I truly appreciate her taking the time for me and we had a great conversation all around. She has an adorable son and they have a great bond. She met the birth mother before the birth and even got to be in the room when the baby was born, so she was very excited with the whole process and is very happy now. She started to tell me how she has her son's birth story and now she has all the same experiences of new moms. So she really felt she had just about everything that all other mothers have...

...and it was right at about the point she was telling me this that the table of young women next to us erupted in cheers and someone began passing around ultrasound pictures. Yes, it still hurts sometimes. It does get better, but there are still moments when you wish you could be the one with the ultrasound.


  1. My best support and resource has been other adoptive parents that I know. I am glad you have the same support. It's so necessary and makes your journey so much easier.

  2. We had ultrasound pictures passed around at one of the Christmas dinners. Ouch.

    But I'm glad you found someone that shares so much adoption information!

  3. That's great that your friend could give you so much information. I hope you can put it to use and your journey will go as smoothly. I'm sorry there was a dampener to your meeting, but I'm glad it's starting to hurt a bit less for you.

  4. Stopping by from ICLW...I am glad that you have a friend that could be so helpful to you. Adoption is a very exciting, and sometimes crazy, journey. Best wishes to you as you continue to move forward!

  5. I am glad you have some people to talk to about adoption that have been through it themselves. I want to adopt internationally someday and have no clue what I'm doing. It will all be worth it in the end.



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