Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Group meetings

Today we went to a group information session for an agency we are considering. And I left with more thoughts on the group than on the agency. I couldn't help but size them up as the competition. One couple asked what happens if they get pregnant while going through the process because they are there just because they feel called to adopt and not due to infertility. Am I the only one who gets annoyed by those couples? And then there the husband, who identified himself as a mortgage broker at one point, and asked many questions about what the adoption tax credit means. Hello? Haven't you ever had to explain what the new homebuyer tax credit was or what it means to have the mortgage interest deduction? I mean, I can understand the normal person not knowing the difference between a tax credit and deduction, but you should do this for a living, buddy.


  1. That's annoying that that couple decided to announce that they weren't infertile to the group. They obviously knew that there would be infertile people in the room.

    Those kind of people annoy me too. And it sounds like you had a weird group meeting.

  2. I'm still interested in adoption even though I don't have infertility problems but I can understand how hard it would be to hear a comment like that- perhaps they should have asked privately? It sounds like the agency at least didn't stand out in a bad way. I feel like things are really moving forward for you, it is so exciting for me to watch:)

  3. Sheesh, some people are just plain idiots.

    I am glad that your earlier meet-up with your friend went so well, though. It must be nice to have that support and a great source of information.


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