Sunday, February 28, 2010

That time of the month

The phrase is so familiar. That time of the month. But what exactly does it mean? Raging hormones. Irritability. Depression. Cramps or discomfort.

The "non-IF" translation of the phrase refers to our period or the few days before. But here is where IF takes us for another ride and confuses the meaning of things.

What time of the month is worst for you? Sure, having my period is bad. The hormonal changes and cramps are compounded by more fears and depression. But there are plenty of other contenders for the worst time of the month. It could be when I take clomid. Certainly the hormones are raging then. And the irritability and headaches. Or it might be the time around ovulation. The stress of trying to achieve perfect timing. The two week wait. That doesn't need any explanation for how it can be a horrible "time of the month." Even worse is the one week wait as the end date draws near and phantom symptoms start appearing or disappearing.


  1. For me, the worst time starts around 5dpo and lasts until 11dpo. The phantom symptoms (I swear my b00bs start to hurt now before I O... how ridiculous!) start kick in big time and drive me crazy with hope and anxiety. When 12dpo hits, I'm usually greeted with some sort of reality check (zits, chocolate craving, serious irritability).

  2. Hey Missy!
    It has to be AF and the week before. The lap that I had improved my pain probably about 75% but I still get constant aches in both ovaries for one week-10 days or so before AF. This makes me dread how bad she's going to torture me. Same with the day she arrives. Soon as she's gone I feel good. Yeah, I obsess over timing with O but hormone-wise I feel great, confident, happy etc
    I haven't taken Clomid so I don't know how I'll react-scared to find out.
    Thinking of you!!

  3. Yep, IF makes you hate the whole month.

    I no longer remember the times when the time of the month appeared simply because I started to get irritable. Now, like you say, my time of the month is pretty much the whole of the month - there is never a time when I can totally escape it.

    Good old IF strikes again!

  4. That time of the month for me, is the 1ww. Drives me absolutely batty! The first week of the 2ww is pretty easy and usually goes quickly, but that last week is just torture.

  5. Definitely the 1ww. The roller coaster of emotions just about kills me every month.

  6. ha. I have had months were I believed the entire thing was "that time of the month"!

  7. It is hard to say which time is the worst for me. I think it'd be between 10 and 14dpo. Because, let's face it, if I'm not pregnant by 10dpo, I'm probably not going to be pregnant that cycle, so why the extra 4-day torture? Let's just get it over with and start a new cycle! Haha :)


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