Thursday, February 4, 2010


An award! Just what I needed today to forget about my impending AF and get ready for my busy day and weekend. DH is getting confirmed tonight in our church and I am teaching all this weekend, so I won't have much time to blog.

Anxious Mummy is so sweet to give me the Beautiful Blogger award. And a little funny to get it today since I'm messing with how things look around here. But I think it is me, and not just the blog layout, that is getting the award, so I'll take it.

The instructions that go along with this award are as follows:* Thank the person who nominated you for this award.* Copy the award and place it in your blog.* Link the person who nominated you for this award.* Tell us 7 interesting things about you.* Nominate 7 bloggers.* Post the links to the 7 bloggers you nominate.

My 7 interesting things:
1. I have a Ph.D. I might have told some of you a while ago. So the class I am teaching this weekend is a graduate class for working professionals. Which means they probably know more about what I'm teaching than I do.
2. I used to be obsessed with New Kids on the Block. Seriously obsessed. I even put posters on the back wall of my closet b/c everywhere else in my room was covered.
3. I am getting new furniture today! Very excited that my new dresser will finally arrive. I love Pott.ery B.arn.
4. I make my own cards. I like doing crafty things like that.
5. I am published (and not just on this blog). Kinda goes along with having the Ph.D. But I suspect more people have read what I wrote on this blog than what was published in an academic journal.
6. I always thought if my academic career didn't work out, I would open a store called "My Favorite Things" and it would feature cupcakes, coffee, and crochet. I saw a hair dresser/yarn store combo once and figure my ideas are a better mesh than that. It could work.
7. I am involved in local politics. I find it quite amusing how I can meet someone once and the next time I see them, they act like we are best friends.

Seven Bloggers:
1. Tireegal
2. Hillary
3. Secret D
4. Leslie
5. Such a Good Egg
6. Ruth
7. A


  1. Hi Missy!
    You definitely deserve the award! And thanks for sharing it with me:-)

  2. Thank you!

    How are you holding up in the tww?

  3. Thank you my friend. I cheered for your Saints on Sunday night. They ROCK! Their come from behind was awe-some. :)


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