Friday, February 19, 2010

Next few days

We have a busy few days in front of us. This weekend we have a two day integrative health counseling session. It is a group counseling thing for couples with IF. I wanted to do this about 6 months when I first heard of it, but it was not a good time for us. Now they are offering it again and I signed us up. We will see how it goes. I have also been thinking of starting acupuncture at this place, so we will see what type of advice they give.

Monday I go in for the consult for the lap. My RE does not them herself, so I am having a consultation with her partner. What advice do you have this consultation? Are there particular questions I should be asking?


  1. ask about the far end of the recovery period. my sister's lap took her a good 3 weeks to not be hurting when she bent over. also, make sure that they give you something for nausea to take home with you, if they are putting you under general anesthesia. i did not insist on this my last surgery and ended up in a lot of pain because i could not keep the pain meds down.

    the counseling sounds very interesting, i hope that you post some about what goes on if you are comfortable.

    hope everything goes well this weekend.

  2. I would also ask the doctor to clearly outline any risks they can foresee-I know they often give your brochures etc with all that on there but they need to go into more detail with you I think. Also find out how soon after the op you will get the results, I got mine the next day. Thinking of you! The counselling session sounds good.

  3. YEAH!! I found your blog! Thank you SITM buddy for my socks! You didn't include your blog addy so I had to put out an SOS on my blog- so I am hoping this is you (um....if not- ignore this?) I shall not explain the meaning behind the socks you gave me to keep some of the anonymity with your blog if you want it (sadly, I don't know much about you yet)

    I can't wait to start following your journey! :)
    Good luck at your upcoming appointment!!!

  4. I hope that the counselling is useful and provides some good insights.

    I'm sorry I don't have any input on the lap... but I will be praying that it goes well, with no surprises and a quick recovery.

  5. My advice for the lap - Make sure that if they're going in there it's not just diagnostic, but therapeutic if they find something. Nothing like needing another lap because they didn't treat what they found during the first one. Take a pillow to hold against your tummy for the car ride home (We've got bad potholes, and a bumpy ride is not fun).


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