Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ugh, my mom is still stressing me out and she is even here anymore. During her visit she made some passing reference to Celine Dion and leaving an article for me to read. I didn't really pay much attention because my then I was trying to ignore most of what she said and while I think Celine Dion is fine, it's not like I'm her biggest fan or anything. My mom is the type to clip articles for other people, but usually it is if she thinks it is really relevant. Like when she brought me our local paper's description of my high school marching band in the Macy's parade after Thanksgiving.

But last night I was tidying up our guest room and noticed she left a People magazine. Guess what was on the cover? Celine Dion saying she will do as many IVFs as it takes to get a second child. As someone who is watching the Giuliana and Bill show, I shouldn't be complaining about how the media is portraying celebrities and IF, but this really bugged me. They never described why she needs to use IVF (other than the fact that she is in her 40s now) and made it seem like people who do IVF are obsessive and desperate. Celine said she will do anything it takes to get pregnant, but is not going to do IVF 17 times! As if there are other people on their 16th, 17th IVF cycle?


  1. got to love the media and the "desperate infertile crazy women" slant they put on every story. you would think it would kill them to do a decent story without the hype.

  2. Moms can really be pieces of work, can't they? Ugh, I'm sorry! It's hard enough living through what we live through, without mothers and the media throwing salt on our wounds! ((hugs))

  3. oh my. :( I know you have already tried to set some boundaries with your mom about all this... I'm sorry!

  4. I'm sorry...moms are tough. They just love us so much, but just don't know what to do/say sometimes. At least you know her heart is in the right place.
    I am obsessed with Giuliana and Bill, but then get annoyed when they totally over simplify IF. AND, their Dr. drives me crazy...does he seem totally unprofessional to you or what???

  5. I'm now curious about watching G&B to see how this is being portrayed. Instead of their glamorous life, how about a reality show with some of us who don't have unlimited funds and who don't get our hair and make-up done by professionals every day?

    sorry that your mom did that. It just goes to show, no matter how close we are to our family or friends, unless you're in our shoes, you just don't get it.

    Also, 17 IVFs? Really?


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