Monday, February 22, 2010

SITM 2010

I was very glad to participate in SITM this year! I received some fabulous socks from Jaymee at Our Surrogacy Adventure. These were perfect! Not only are they super cute and fun, but they also came in a pack of 3 (i.e., 3 individual socks, not 3 pairs) so I will still have a complete set to wear when I inevitably lose one in the wash.

Here I am sporting the socks in my dr appointmet today! The picture on the stirrups didn't turn out, but you can see me from the first half of the appointment. (Ignore the swollen toe that I sprained).

The blogging community has been a great source of support this past year. I think most importantly for me is just knowing that I am not alone in this process and that everything I am feeling and going through is normal. There are days when I feel like my body is betraying me and that I am not fully a woman. Knowing there are so many other strong women going through the same thing (or close to it at least) helps ease that feeling of loneliness.

Many thanks to Kim for organizing SITM!


  1. We're all right here with you. Hoping and praying for your BFP:)

  2. Love the socks! I try and wear cute socks to all of my appointments, too. Makes it a little less depressing.

  3. Love the socks. I hope they bring you luck along with the constant reminder of support.

  4. I love that your picture is taken at the Docs, I am so stealing that for next time :)

  5. LOL I love that you took the pic at the docs to!! They are way cool!!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  6. Oh, yes we're here w you!! G'luck on your journey, hope your toe heals soon and too cool to get a shot of the socks at the dr appointment!

  7. YAY for 3 socks! How awesome! I'm so glad you love them, Jaymee is one AMAZING woman! I love her so much!


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