Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Head over heels

Sometimes I see advice for potential adoptive parents to find ways to protect themselves while waiting for a match and placement. The is to find the thin line between excitement and preparation to be new parents on the one hand, and the realization that there matches that don't turn into placements and birthparents can change their mind. Just this past weekend as we contemplated our potential match, we would remind ourselves that even if she picks us, something can still happen. Yes, we earnestly nodded our heads, we should still be careful to protect our emotions.

I have to say that now that we have an official match, that line was left in the dust about two blocks ago. There are moments when I do start to worry about whether something will go wrong. But there is no holding back now.


  1. I think it may be comparable to someone who has dealt with a miscarraige or two (or more). Everything looks good, you have every reason to be hopeful, and yet you try to force yourself out of that giddy excited frame of mind, just for self-preservation.

    Enjoy your excitement and happiness. You deserve it!

  2. It seems like a rocky road to travel, but like the poster above said, comparable to being pregnant and then miscarrying. You have the promise of a baby and then it could be gone. I'm hoping for you that the promise will stay and your wishes can come true!

  3. I'm so excited for you guys, and I can't believe how quickly this happened for you!! It gives me hope for a short wait for us.

    Enjoy the excitement. Our agency says that although not all matches turn into placements, usually, there's an inkling from the beginning if the match seems risky. So I think you should just relax and enjoy!

  4. There is always a risk with adoption but enjoy your great news now. Maybe keep some of your purchases gender neutral until closer too.

  5. Aw, I love hearing your joy and excitement! Enjoy this time, and, again, congrats on your match! I am happy your wait was so short :)

  6. Even though I totally know that devastation of having that placement fall through, I wouldn't recommend doing it any other way. I felt like, if I'm going to be the mother to this child, I had a right to start loving it as soon as I could. Your heart may get broken but it can be fixed and when that child comes to you, your arms and heart will already be completely open to it.
    I say, keep doing what your doing and hope for the best! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Congrats on a match! I have no experience with adoption, but it seems to be like finding out you are still know things could be wrong and that you should prepare yourself, but it's hard not to just be flat-out excited, you know?
    Hope everything goes perfectly for you from here on out...


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