Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adoption books

One thing we will do to keep the discussion of adoption open in our family is use children's stories that have an adoption theme. Tapestry Books is a great place to find such books. But Krissi over at Stress Free Infertility is having a giveaway of Tell me About the Night I Was Born, which is a children's book about adoption written by Jamie Lee Curtis (who is a mother through adoption). There are only a few more days to sign up!


  1. Hey, I bet a lot of these adoption books/ dark child books would be great for you too. Here is my wish list for my child. Hope you find some great ones on here too:

  2. One idea that I loved was to make a book all about your child's birth that is special and unique to that child and read them their story from their special book. I thought that that was such a sweet idea. You could probably design one on shutterfly or one of those kind of websites.

  3. We loved these....My Adopted* Child, There's no* one like you and My family is * Forever. I also highly recommend getting the magazine Adoptive *Families (comes every other month) LOVE!


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