Monday, June 7, 2010

Incease your chances

Has anyone seen these web videos at Increase Your Chances? This is another attempt to increase awareness about infertility. It is done by a pharmaceutical company that wants you buy more fertility drugs, but if they are going to have commercials about viagra, they can have commercials about this too.

I'm not sure how I feel about these videos. Raising awareness is good, of course, and I think they do a nice job of capturing many different aspects of IF. But I'm not sure what sense of them someone without IF experience would make. Would they watch the video of the women sitting apart at the baby shower and think she just needs to get over herself? Or would the video of the couple talking about the "joys" of IF sex be met with a "just relax"? I am eager to hear what all of you think.


  1. "Do I look pregnant to you?" actually made me laugh a few separate times. The first two were a little too awkward for even me. And I didn't really like that the made the man look clueless and they portrayed the couple as having a complete lack of communication. :/

  2. Yeah I wish they weren't so staged and were just with real couples (not wearing funny outfits) talking about their experiences.

    I felt like the outfits and staged/scripted filming approach cheapened and . . . lightened the weight of something that is serious. I felt like it was almost a little disrespectful.

    I'm glad they are trying to raise awareness but personally I would like to see something more authentic.


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