Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My sister had a BBQ yesterday. I was looking forward it all weekend as I hadn't seen her or her family in a few weeks. Even though we were on our own little trip for the extra long weekend and had a good time, I was eager for this BBQ.

Until we got there. Then I wanted to be anywhere else. There were three other couples in addition to us and my sister and BIL. And about 10-12 kids altogether. It wasn't so much the kids themselves that got to me, but the whole situation of having families getting together and talking about their kids and family activities that they do. Comparing community pools, soccer games. Noticing how old my nieces and nephews are getting. Even the youngest is getting older so quickly and won't be too interested in playing with a baby should one come around anytime soon. I feel like life is passing me by.

I did make an appointment today with a new doctor. Hopefully a new direction will give me new hope.


  1. Awh Missy, I can imagine that that was a hard BBQ for you. I really hope that you have a great appt today with the new doc and come home with a renewed sense of hope!

  2. Missy, I'm sorry that was a hard get-together for you. I can imagine how painful that must be. I hope everything goes great with the new doc--I will be looking for an update. (((HUGS)))


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