Sunday, June 6, 2010


One thing we've been trying to do is minimize our exposure to as many chemicals as we can. Once you start looking at the ingredients, it's amazing how many endocrine disrupters there are out there. Or other chemicals that are toxic to reproductive systems. I started wearing a hat a lightweight longer sleeve shirt for my walk to and from work so I don't have to wear sunscreen. We are changing our diet to include more organic and non-hormone or genetically modified food. We use natural cleaners in our house.

So I couldn't help but sigh when I met a friend for lunch with her baby. As she was getting the baby out of the car, she sprayed bug spray all over her legs and all over her baby's legs. The mosquito situation here is pretty bad, I'll give her that. But we were really just going from the car to the restaurant. I smelled the chemicals as she sprayed and I saw the baby make a face and stick out his tongue which made me think he tasted it a bit. I am doing everything I can to keep chemicals out and be at my healthiest state. And my fertile friend doesn't think twice of spraying all sorts of things right into her baby's breathing space. Life is unfair.

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  1. Eww--I hate the smell of bugspray and I would NOT be spraying it right in my baby's face! We have a natural bug repellent made with different oils that seems to work fine.

    Anyway, I think the lower-chemicals lifestyle is a good call. You are probably reducing your risk for cancer along with (hopefully) increasing your fertility!


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