Monday, January 18, 2010

Cycle update

I thought this cycle would be a piece of cake given that I've already used clomid for timed cycles before. I'm not sure why, the side effects were much worse this time. I had headaches all week and felt dizzy several days. That seems to have passed now, although I'm still having some light headaches. But now I just have to wait. Thursday I go in to check my follicles and see if the leading follicle is on the right or left. Possible trigger on Thursday and then IUI on Friday. And then more waiting.

My mom called me today. After chatting for a few minutes, she asked about our "procedure." We had told her before we were moving forward with this in a general sense, but not that it is this week. I lied and told her it would be in a few weeks.


  1. I have heard of people's clomid side effects increasing with another round. I'm glad you are feeling better now though.

    Grow follicles grow!!

  2. Crossing my fingers and praying real hard that you will have a nice big healthy follie waiting for you on Thursday.

  3. Wishing you lots of luck this week! Hoping and praying they see a big follie on Thursday for you!

  4. Sorry about all the yucky s/e... hoping for a nice big follie on Thursday!

  5. Sorry about the sideeffects... fingers crossed for you!!


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