Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 miles in the snow

I just finished my first training for the half marathon. We walked 3 miles in 17 degree weather and light snow! It actually wasn't as bad as that might sound. They gave us hand warmers and I put them in my shoes instead. That made all the difference.

I am also being open to people about why I'm doing this. In some ways I feel out of place because most people are motivated due to themselves or someone close to them who has/had cancer and they want to fundraise for it. But I just need a goal to accomplish in case I can't reach my other goal. I told some of the women I was walking with today about my reasons and it felt great to be so open about it. Although it is easier since I don't interact with these people at work or in other situations. One woman even reminded me about the support at the integrative health center they have here. She goes there for non-IF related support, but knows they have IF stuff as well. I heard about it several months ago and decided to do it once we started IUI and then forgot.

The rest of the day should be good as well. We are going to buy some new dressers. Very exciting to get something new for our house.

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