Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby shower gift grab

It's bad enough to get an invitation to a baby shower. It's even worse when it is clear that the invite is solely a grab for a gift. And even worse that it is from someone who herself had some IF issues. I just can't believe how rude that is!

I don't know much about DH's cousin's IF. All I know is that they got married a few years before us and when my MIL told us she was pregnant, she mentioned they had tried to get pregnant for a couple years, did some IF treatment, and then gave up and a few months later got pregnant. I don't know if my MIL has told her sister about our IF struggles. Or if this news has traveled on down to the cousin.

But the problem is I don't even know the cousin! We met once, at the funeral of DH's grandmother, where I had to rush out because it happened to be the weekend we were moving across the country and I had to meet the moving truck. So imagine my surprise when I open the mail and see a baby shower invite. To a shower 4 states away for a person I met once briefly. WTH? Who does that? Can you make it any more obvious that you want lots of gifts?


  1. Ugh, how rude! I hate shower gift grabs...my SIL's wedding shower was a gift grab...she invited over 60 people! Half of the guest list at least!

    If it were me, I wouldnt send anything to someone I didnt know very well. I like to buy personal gifts and how do you buy a gift for someone you barely know?

  2. Annoying and I agree with Ruby....I wouldn't send a gift! You dont' even know the girl!

  3. ewww yuck. I did not invite even my "close" cousins because they live 2000 miles away and I knew they couldn't come....and I don't expect gifts.
    I wouldn't send a gift! that is just wrong.


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