Friday, November 6, 2009

RE update

I'm not sure what my problem is. Normally I'm a confident, accomplished woman. Sure, I'm introverted naturally, but that doesn't mean I appear to be a stuttering fool around other people. But I have this thing with doctors. I get very intimidated by doctors. It is not just this doctor, but all doctors. I don't know what it is. I enter with a set list of questions to ask and things I want to know and somehow I end up almost limping out the door.

So even though I did get all my questions answered and we have a plan, I still left my RE's office today feeling down. It didn't help that she had a resident with her to witness my meltdown. Here's the story.

We talked about whether to continue with more diagnostic tests or move to IUI. I am officially unexplained, although I have a couple of "iffy" issues. She thinks I might have a variant of PCOS even my hormone/insulin levels don't suggest that. DH had one low SA, but then his second was OK so she's not too concerned about that. My HSG showed my left tube was blocked, but she doesn't know why and is not even sure it is really blocked b/c she said about half the time the HSG shows it is blocked it is just a spasm or something (to which my DH replied, then why waste your time on that test? Good question). Anyways one tube is fine and so we should be good with that. The next step would be a lap to figure out what exactly is going on with the left tube and also to check for endo. But I don't have any other signs of endo so she doesn't think I have that and honestly she didn't seem that concerned about the left tube.

I did get the results from my progesterone test when I took femara and it was low-lower than when I ovulate on my own. So that drug is out for me. I also asked about my FSH level b/c that is one test she never did. She doesn't think it is necessary b/c it won't change treatment anyway.

So with her not thinking we need to do any more diagnostic at this point, we are moving on to IUI. That is what we wanted to do anyway. We are going to do IUI with clomid right now. And this is where I had another point of freaking out. I assumed there would be a cycle of tests or preparation or something so that the IUI cycle would actually not be for a while. But she's ready to go next cycle. So things are really speeding up.

One thing this RE said that rubbed me the wrong way. As our meeting was ending, I mentioned that I was nervous b/c it seemed like a big step and I don't like taking medication anyway for other things. Her response was that there is still a pretty good chance we could have a baby on our own but it would likely be a while and the treatment makes sure we can have one when we want. As if we might get over this whole baby thing as just a phase we went through. Maybe I should look into this other fertility clinic in my town. Basically the options for IUIs are her and one other clinic. I do think she is good as doctors go and when we were in the diagnosis phase, my insurance was better with her. But insurance won't cover the IUI regardless of who does it.


  1. I wish that you could have come out of that appointment with a much brighter outlook. Perhaps it's worth a consult with another doctor? Just to see if there is another possible diagnosis, treatment, or perhaps just a better fit in terms of your level of comfort with the doctor.

    I do know what you mean tho, about being intimidated by doctors. I have to have my concerns and questions written when I go to an appointment, otherwise I feel like I am taking up too much of the doc's 'valuable' time.

  2. You know, I can relate to feeling intimidated by doctors. For me it was an age thing, the older I got, the less I cared if they appeared put off or irritated by my questions. I've had to learn to go in with a list of questions and ask every one. It's a good way to learn about your doc too!

  3. I can relate to so much of this post, particularly in relation to my first RE. I really think you might want to consider a consultation with the other RE to compare. Maybe it was just a blah first impression and everything will be great when you are cycling, but I can't help but see between the lines that this may not be the doctor for you.

    I may be totally wrong and know it's a lot of work to get a consultation/ paperwork with another RE....but I would just encourage you to keep that possibility in the back of your mind and be open to switching at any point.

    Sorry it was a bit of a let down. :(


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