Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night, my family threw me a surprise party! DH and I went over to my ILs house for dinner. And my sister and her family were there hiding to surprise me! It was a great time with cake and presents. Most of all the surprise was fantastic and I've always wanted a surprise party.

This party was also a chance to see my MIL with my nieces and nephews again. More importantly for this post, my youngest nephew. I know that some people lavish their attention on a pet to make up for not being able to have a baby. Or lavish attention on nieces and nephews (my personal method). I'm starting to wonder if my MIL is thinking of my youngest nephew as the closest thing she may get to a grandchild.

See, DH is an only child. So if we don't have any kids, they don't have any grandkids. But my sister and her family live nearby all of us and we get together relatively often. The older nieces and nephew have had enough time with my mom to develop a close relationship with her. But not the youngest. He knows my ILs much better, just because he sees her more. And my MIL and FIL eat it up. Now they are even keeping a few small toys in their house for when he comes to visit.


  1. I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday on your birthday post, didn't I! Well, Happy Birthday. Crossing my fingers for all your birthday wishes to come true.

  2. A surprise party sounds so fun - glad you had a great birthday! :)

  3. Oh that is so sweet! I love that your in-laws keep toys for your nephew to play with...
    I had my first surprise party this year, too. My in-laws also hosted it.
    Lucky us!


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